.::::::: Philosophy :::::::.

At KSR (Karachi Steel Re-rolling Mills) we endeavor in shaping the future of steel. Our goal is not only to be successful but to be admired for our culture, quality of service and management standards that implies. Because at KSR communities matterÖ.Nothing less will do!

We believe that in our presence we have promises to fulfill. We offer tailor made solutions to whatever you require and wherever you require. KSR steelís growth has been founded on a consistent philosophy : that to be able to deliver the range and quality of products which customers demand the modern steel maker must have the scale and the crucial presence to do so competitively. Our within city reach brings many benefits. Operations support one another by generating product synergies and sharing know-how.

 .::::::: Background :::::::.

The KSR group has been concerned in the steel business since 1950, just after three years of Pakistanís independence. The founder had an apparition and the acumen to take the steel business into the next level.

In 1988 to produce high quality steel products a new plant and machinery was imported by Inductotherm Corp. USA and installed at the growing city of Islamabad.

Currently the third generation has launched its state of the art flagship rolling mill to meet the growing demand of steel bars and acute shortage of quality steel bar manufacturers. Due to endless efforts the mill is proud to produce the most advanced and the highest quality structural reinforcement steel bars.