Corporate Social Responsibility

Since the independence of Pakistan, Karachi Steel has not only invested most of its resources for the development of the economic sector of the country but has always taken the responsibility of uplifting the well-being of the common man.

Our company has always believed that sustainable business not only does well traditionally on return of financial assets and customer value creation but it thrives when it embraces its community to the fullest. Karachi Steel continues to maintain its responsibility to its customers as well as the environment around us. Our portfolio is as precious to us as the sustainability of our country.

Conserving the Future

Driven by the clean, green, and lean approach towards responsible and sustainable manufacturing, we are always working towards making our operations as environmentally friendly as possible; from investing in green technologies to reducing and treating our waste.

The company considers the community as one of the most important stakeholders in the path to sustainability. Driven by purpose, the company seeks to create sustainability by initiating Pakistan’s First Smoke-Free Steel Industry.

Protecting the Indispensable

As part of the company’s commitment to delivering consistently high-quality products and services, we take into account our employees’ safety first.

Karachi Steel’s management system provides a systematic and standard approach in ensuring safety, consistency, and efficiency from the supply chain through to the end-users.

The company’s processes and procedures take into account the customer requirements, employees’ protection, and industry needs by following international standards and exacting specifications.