Our Facilities

Cooling Bed

Karachi Steel commandeers one of the longest cooling beds in the region. The steel bars are aligned and shelved properly through an automated shift roller built within the cooling bed.

Weigh Bridge

A weigh bridge having 100 tons capacity purchased from Revere Transducers Netherlands is installed at our mill premises to provide convenient and fast deliveries to our valued customers.

Overhead Cranes

Karachi Steel has installed overhead cranes at every step of the manufacturing process. Crane travel is directed by an operator, either manually or with a wired pendant station or wireless.

Pre-heating Furnace

Karachi Steel has implemented a digitally temperature-controlled furnace, the gas furnace provides the correct amount of heating temperature needed for steel billets.

Rolling Mill

State-of-the-art, most modern rebar mill. The process controls at each step ensure uniform properties in every bar.


Karachi Steel has installed a Spectrolab for testing raw material and chemical analysis of billets within a few seconds. SPECTROLAB is well established as the metal analyzer of choice in the high-performance segment of the metal industry.

Universal Hydraulic Testing Machines

The universal hydraulic testing machine of a 100 tons capacity is installed where random samples are tested from each lot of steel at regular intervals through out the day.


To overcome the energy crisis which has brewed inside of Pakistan. Karachi Steel is one of the pioneer steel industries to implement a coal-based gasifier producing its gas through coal to run the steel re-rolling plant.


Karachi Steel has a fleet of trailers to cater to all its logistical needs. Our staff is trained and have years of expertise in working and delivering our steel to clients as and when required.

Continuous Casting

Karachi Steel has installed the prospective method of Continuous–casting to cast steel alloys. The use of continuous casting gives a range of advantages in comparison to conventional casting in moulds.